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Long biased hedge fund for core equity exposure.

With a proven track record first developed in the founder’s family office, 5th Horizon was established to provide superior core equity exposure using quantitative techniques. A unique 3 model strategy ensures orthogonal factor exposure. This technique is designed to deliver competitive returns with below market volatility.

Portfolio Manager

Trent Ambler

Trent holds a Bachelor’s in Chemistry from the University of Southern California and a Master’s in Finance from the University of Denver.  Trent has overseen investment activities for a family office since 2006. He has also spent time as an Adjunct teaching portfolio construction and quantitative methods to University students.

Research & Operations

Jon Tesseo

Jon’s career spans multiple asset management firms including, a top performing momentum shop where he helped grow assets from under $100mm to over $9b, a bank owned investment firm where he ran index, value, and growth funds, and a hedge fund where he was Director of Investment Research.


Merrill Stillwell, CFA

Merrill is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder & a member of the CFA Institute and CFA Society Colorado. Merrill graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics & Government. Merrill’s financial experience includes an analyst role at an international small cap fund, the investment committee at an award winning TAMP and as a general partner in real estate private equity.

/ Investment Philosophy

Our investment philosophy allows us to be flexible and nimble.

Finance without the forecasting.

Markets are complex and information is incomplete, crystal balls do not exist.

Our aim is to eliminate the need to time markets and to build portfolios that offer unique opportunities for enduring performance.

/ Investment Strategy

Why are we different?

Orthogonal models for value, growth, and shorts. Selecting the best issues from each factor family and avoiding the inherent compromise caused by traditional blended models.


We seek out exposures that are well articulated and defensible we use objectivity not gut or emotion when building these exposures into our portfolio.


We are disciplined in the execution of our process. By embracing uncertainty, we avoid the temptation to deviate and be whipsawed by forecasting errors.


We are not stubborn adherents to a singular vision for the future nor do we slave under a rigid understanding of market dynamics.

Risk Management

Our process was built with risk as the primary consideration. Everything that we do is informed by a risk-centric view.

/ Risk

Risk is about more than just return variance.

RISK IS ALSO THE POTENTIAL FOR PERMANENT LOSS, it is losing the ability to continue investing, it is a misguided limitation of the opportunity set and at the same time the possibility for overreach. Risk is multidimensional and effective risk management necessitates a broad understanding of the drivers that lead to deleterious outcomes. Risk is a primary consideration in each decision that we make. We want to deliver enduring performance over a long investment cycle and so prioritize risk at every turn.

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